Abaqus Class References

Before you can access the Abaqus model and output database, you need to import some modules. In most cases, abaqus, abaqusConstants, and driverUtils are required:

from abaqus import *
from abaqusConstants import *
from driverUtils import *

In the module abaqus, two important objects are provided, mdb and session, which represent the Abaqus model database and a object controls the Abaqus options.

  • The mdb object is the high-level Abaqus model database. A model database stores models and analysis controls. For more information about the mdb object, see mdb API Reference.

  • The odb object is the in-memory representation of an output database (ODB) file. For more information about the odb object, see odb API Reference.

  • The session object has no constructor. Abaqus creates the session member when a session is started. For more information about the session object, see session API Reference.

In the module abaqusConstants, all the constant strings used in the Abaqus modeling are provided such as THREE_D (which specifies a 3-D model), for more constant strings, please refer to the API reference.

In the module driverUtils, an important function executeOnCaeStartup is implemented, this function will be execute each time we open the Abaqus, so we need to call this function in our Python script.


Other modules like field, material, mesh can be imported whenever required.